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Why I Moved From Dropbox to Ubuntu One for Note Taking

This solution no longer works. I’m keeping it around because it is still one of the most visited blog posts.

Citing a need to completely move their infrastructure, the Ubuntu One team announced that they will no longer be supporting note sync.

As such, I have moved to Evernote, and very gladly fork over $6 a month to them for premium.

So, for those of you who know me, I’m pretty picky about what I use for my syncing. And I have to be - this is one of the more difficult parts of my electronic life, and its even more difficult now.

Let’s start with my requirements.

  • free as in beer if at all possible. Hey, I’m cheap.
  • clients for the following OS’s:
    • Ubuntu
    • Windows
    • iOS
    • Android. (I know, I need to clean up my operating system variety)
  • Some sort of folder structure, at least for the desktop.
  • Markdown is nice, but not required.

Before I added Android to the mix, I had been using PlainText and Dropbox. Worked wonderfully. Now that I have an android device, I’m moving to Ubuntu One notes, aka tomboy. Seems to work pretty well.

For Windows and Ubuntu clients, I’m using Tomboy. For Android, I’m using Tomdroid, and for iOS, I’m using a new one that doesn’t work on iOS6 (yet!), but should get fixed soon, called webNotes (powered by Ubuntu One). All the platforms covered yay!

To get setup, I just installed Tomboy on my Ubuntu and Windows computers. I then installed the beta version of Tomdroid, and connected everything to my Ubuntu One account. Took about 20 minutes to do the switch, and was very painless!

So far, I’ve been using Ubuntu One in this fashion for about three months, and it’s going pretty well so far.

The ability to have my notes anywhere is great - and the fact it integrates with a product made by one of my favorite companies (Canonical) is even better!