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Email Setup Using Thunderbird

I use Gmail. And I use it for everything.






Now, I keep Google Chrome around for my main, everyday browsing. However, I do have Chromium around for a few things, mainly WebApps. Like Google Calendar and my GTD app, Wunderlist

However, I need to use Thunderbird for a lot of reasons, the big one is that I can’t do PGP email signing from Gmail. So, in order to use Thunderbird, I need to have a few things in place.


1. Engimail.

2. Zindus.


That’s it. I install Enigmail and Zindus, hook them up to their respective accounts, and I’m set. It’s simple as that. And now that I’m using openbox as my window manager, I can have Thunderbird running all the time without slowing down my netbook much. In fact, once I get my second GB of RAM, I probably won’t notice Thunderbird’s drain at all.