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Link Dump for March 15

Today, I’ve got a fair amount of links to toss at you. In no particular order:

  • 16+ Highly Professional Free Business Card Design Templates [link] - might use one of these. They look good!
  • Instagram Founder Kevin Systrom’s 30-Second Rule for App Success [link] - heck yeah.
  • Free Brushes for GIMP [link] - worth a look as always
  • Hoping to clear my confusion about Twitter’s announcement [link] - So far, no “Official” answer.
  • 100 Things you didn’t know about Apple, Inc [link] - Old but neat
  • Quick Tip: 2 Chrome Extensions you must install [link] - I use both
  • Ubuntu Linux and GNOME: The Disputes Continue [link] - pretty much all I have to say about the whole GNOME-Ubuntu situation.
  • Twitter Blog: #numbers [link] - interesting post on how Twitter has grown over time.
  • Are you going to stick one of these on your site? I sure am. [link]
  • 8 Powerful and Inexpensive Desktop Design apps [link] - YAY! Inkscape made it in there.
  • Multitouch app “TouchĂ©gg” hits version 02, adds a GUI [link]
  • HOW Design - 29 things that All Young Designers Need To Know [link]
  • Forkforkforkfork FORK: Why Forking means all the world [link]
  • A tale of two programmers. [link] - on pairing. Something that I think we don’t do enough of.