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Tech Week in Review for September 1st

This week in tech news for Thursday, September 1st, 2011.

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  • Why Lodsys is trying it’s hardest to keep Apple and Google out of the patent lawsuits (Via Groklaw)
  • How do I secure my companies name on Twitter? (Via Answers.onstartups.com)
  • The rise and fall of the independent developer (Via Furbo)
  • Bots are crawling new domains registrations and namesquatting twitter handles (Via Ross Duggan)
  • Startups: How do I tactfully respond to friends and family who say “Get a real job”? (Via Answers.onstartups.com)
  • Is stealth really the best way to build a startup? (Via ReadWriteWeb)
  • Ten lessons from Githubs first year (Via Tom-Preston Warner)
  • Want to get things done? Be “reasonably unreasonable” (Via O’reilly Radar)
  • Rails 3.1 has been released! (Via The Official Rails release blog)
  • First employee of a startup? You’re probably getting screwed (Via itlater)
  • Kernel.org was hacked - should we be concerned? (Via Kernel.com)
  • Why I’ll never work for a big company again (Via Ken Cochrane)
  • How to f over a git repo - or not. (Via git-blame)
  • Why Governments don’t get startups (Via Steve Blank)